March 3, 2009

Editor’s note: The photos below were originally posted on the Coast to Coast website on Feb. 23. In light of Glenn Beck’s recent comments about FEMA camps on Fox & Friends, they are of particular interest.

Over the past five months, this "compound" has taken shape out in the central Arizona desert, in the middle of nowhere near Blackwater and Sacaton Arizona, along the dry Gila River. It looks to be about a quarter mile long by an eighth mile wide. It has razor wire all around it, power lines run to it and about half of it is cleared of vegetation. It is in an inhospitable and inescapable area of the Sonoran desert.

The closest small towns would be about 10 miles away in any direction. You’d be lucky to walk one mile in the summer heat there. April to November temps are commonly well above 100F. Summertime temps are routinely 120 F or even higher. Could this be for Guantanamo Bay detainees? Coming civil unrest? Illegal aliens? Mortgage defaulters? …I will keep you posted.

–Steve in Coolidge, AZ
[email protected]

Arizona camp

Arizona camp


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