As the Pentagon weighs new troop deployments to the U.S.-Mexico border, Democrats in Congress are poised to usher in unprecedented scrutiny of a politically charged mission championed by Republican President Donald Trump.

The Democratic party now leans further left than ever before. Owen breaks down how “open borders” is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the left’s agenda to rebuild society in the image of the globalists.

Democratic Representative Adam Smith, the new chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, will hold a hearing on Tuesday with Pentagon officials he hopes will shed light on the costs, scope and goals of a deployment that critics have derided as a political stunt.

Aerial view of Central American migrants – mostly from Honduras – moving towards the United States, camping in a makeshift shelter near the US-Mexico border (GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP/Getty Images)

U.S. officials told Reuters the border deployment, which has fluctuated in size over the past three months, could grow again by as many as 2,000 or more troops.

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Joann Debartolo & Tom Ravana were hit by an illegal alien and due to medical bills they are now at risk of losing their home. They joined Roger Stone to discuss the details.

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