As deep state operatives continue to peddle the fictitious Trump-Russia narrative to members of the press and House Intelligence Committee investigators, the American people are having the proverbial wool pulled over their eyes by the actual offenders themselves, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, both of whom have done business with the Russian State.

On Jan. 23, 2016, I exposed Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Russian State in an article titled, “Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands to Russians along with one-fifth of our uranium ore,” in which I prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sold out approximately one-fifth of the United States’ uranium supply to the Russians using a Canadian proxy. Not only did she facilitate deals to offload the valuable ore to the Russians but she also sold out ranchlands in Oregon which Lavoy Finnicum gave his life to protect during the infamous Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff. The story was covered extensively by Infowars’ Lee Ann McAdoo and Jon Rappoport on a Jan. 29, 2016, broadcast.

To put the icing on the cake, former advisor to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, John Podesta, has also been exposed for having ties to the Russian State. The is the exact narrative they are basing the so-called Trump investigation on.

In a Mar. 27, 2017, article titled, “Report: John Podesta failed to disclose 75,000 stock shares in Russian-financed company,” Intellihub’s Alex Thomas explained just how bad this is looking for Podesta and others involved.

“Consider for a moment the implications of this startling revelation. John Podesta and numerous other Clinton operatives have continually accused the Russian government of helping Donald Trump win the election yet Podesta didn’t even reveal that he was making money off a firm with connections to the Kremlin?!” Thomas wrote.

In response to circulating reports regarding Podesta’s dealings, the author of the book “Clinton Cash,” Peter Schweizer, appeared on Fox and Friends Tuesday to discuss details from his own investigation into the matter.

“Well in 2011 John Podesta joined the board of this very small energy company called Joule Energy based out of Massachusetts,” Schweizer said. “About two months after he joins the board a Russian entity called RUSNANO put a billion rubles, which is about 35 million dollars, into John Podesta’s company.”

Schweizer maintains that RUSNANO is “directly funded by the Kremlin” and “is not a private company.”

“In fact, the Russian Science Minister called RUSNANO ‘Putin’s Child,'” the author explained.

This is obviously a blatant conflict of interest and even more of a hot topic than the Trump-Russia narrative.

Schweizer said that Podesta is in “clear violation of the disclosure rules” and needs to face the music for failing to disclose that he is on the executive board of the holding company for RUSNANO.

“What make the Podesta case clear is there was a transfer of money and there was a transfer of a lot of money that stood to make John Podesta a lot of money. Um, that is unique and that is extremely troubling because at the time that that transfer is taking place he is advising Hillary Clinton at the State Department. We know that from the Podesta emails that he is helping her make personnel decisions, speech decisions, policy decisions, he’s meeting with her monthly. So it’s a transfer of foreign money from a government at a time when he is advising America’s chief diplomat Hillary Clinton,” Schweizer said.

Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics ( Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Get the Podcast. Follow Shep on Facebook and Twitter.

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