Many have argued Democrats and the Obama administration are not primarily concerned with the welfare of illegal immigrants, but rather are cynically adding to their voter base in order to retain power and drive government policy.

On May 20, The Extract ran an article covering the work of documentarian Jo Anne Livingston and her husband Luke. The couple have taken a comprehensive look at the border crisis with an emphasis on the personal experiences of illegal aliens. Following these interviews, Jo Anne concluded the immigrants are being cynically exploited by Democrats.

For instance, “witness after witness after witness” explained they were given voter registrations prior to the 2012 election and sent to states without voter identification laws and were told that unless they “show up and vote the democratic [sic] ticket, they would be arrested and deported.”

Democrats exploiting illegal immigrants for political gain was more or less admitted when Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, a Democrat from Illinois, told MSNBC’s Morning Joe the Obama administration’s proposed amnesty would be a good thing for the Democrat party.

“Let me just say in about an hour, I’m going over to the White House. I’ll be meeting with Jeh Johnson and the Chief Legal Counsel to the President of the United States. We’re going to sit down and we’re going to negotiate additional terms and avenues the President can use and prosecutorial discretion, and I think we can get three or four or maybe even five million people,” Gutiérrez said in July, 2014.

Further evidence of this scam surfaced in February when the League of Women Voters and the NAACP filed a lawsuit to prevent efforts to put an end to non-citizens participating in elections. The groups filed filed a lawsuit in D.C. federal court seeking to reverse a decision by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). The EAC ruling allows Kansas and other states, including Arizona and Georgia, to enforce state laws ensuring that only citizens register to vote when they use a federally designed registration form.

Democrats routinely play the poverty and race card when challenged on the scam. “Democratic party spokesmen justify their opposition to laws requiring proof of citizenship in order to register to vote by the absurd claim that poor people do not have birth certificates or passports. But we require everyone, including the poor, to produce such documents when becoming employed for their I-9 Forms. And if that is tolerable, then it must also be tolerable for the same documents to be produced to register to vote and some sort of photo ID in order to vote,” writes lawyer Howard Foster on the liberal website The Huffington Post.

Massive voter fraud is a particularly important tool for a corrupt Democrat party now that Donald Trump is poised to beat Hillary Clinton in November. In October, realizing the damage the party could face with a Republican presidential victory, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1461, the New Motor Voter Act, which will automatically register people to vote through the DMV, and will result in illegal aliens voting.

Capitol Weekly, a website reporting on California government and politics, reports voter “registration has skyrocketed in the first months of 2016. There have been over 850,000 registrations in the months between January 1 and March 31. This is twice as much as was registered during the same period in 2012.” The vast majority are registering with the Democrat party, an increase of 185%.

98% of the new registrants were Latino.

Clinton understands the importance of California and the Latino vote. Last week The Los Angeles Times reported there are rumblings she may announce a Latino as her running mate—Congressman Xavier Becerra, D-Los Angeles.

“Most notable is Becerra’s all-star status as the fourth highest ranking Democrat in Congress. Becerra’s position as chairman of the House’s Democratic Caucus gives him fundraising prowess and political muscle. Naturally, as the official caretaker of the House’s Democratic members, he’s got strong relationships with House members and party stalwarts throughout the nation,” the newspaper reports.

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