Democratic Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez appeared to threaten black teen conservative CJ Pearson during a Twitter exchange when Velázquez told the 16-year-old, “be afraid of us”.

The spat began when Pearson remarked that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared to be constantly talking throughout Trump’s State of the Union speech while “the woman next to her keeps trying to look the other way.”

Velázquez responded aggressively, tweeting, “Hi @TheCJPearson, I’m not “the woman sitting next to her”. @AOC and I — and millions like us — are the future of this country. And you’re right to be afraid of us. But you should learn my name.”

Pearson hit back, tweeting, “I’m sorry, Congresswoman, but as @realDonaldTrump said – socialism will NOT be the future of this country. And Nydia, nothing about you nor @AOC scares me. It’s your policies- that jeopardize the stability of our nation and the future of my generation- that scare me.”

Velázquez’s remarks were particularly unsavory following the left’s demonization campaign against the Covington high school students, which prompted threats of violence and doxxing.

“Once she realized she’d more or less threatened a black teenager on Twitter, she either a) called an emergency crisis management session of her staff; or b) shrugged and figured the media would cover for her and it was nothing to worry about,” remarked Dan Calabrese.

“B is probably right because neither minorities nor minors get any deference from the MSM if they’re conservative.”

Pearson had the last laugh.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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