Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer expanded on her draconian list of forbidden items to purchase during the coronavirus lockdown — which now includes the U.S. flag.

Whitmer had prohibited the sale of seeds, gardening products, and other items she deemed “non-essential” in an executive order on Thursday, prompting outrage from businesses and individuals in the state.

But now it seems U.S. flags are another item Whitmer arbitrarily deemed “non-essential.”

Whitmer’s overreaching behavior was already established after she attempted to limit doctors from using hydroxycholoroquine for coronavirus treatment last month to score political points against President Trump.

But she changed course last week after receiving widespread criticism for the move, and is now asking the federal government for shipments of the drug.

Why does every move Democrats make during this crisis tend to exercise authoritarianism rather than genuinely help the American people during the pandemic?

For example, Kentucky’s Democrat Governor Andy Beshear threatened to record the license plates of and quarantine Easter Sunday churchgoers, regardless of whether they test positive for COVID-19 or not.

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