After announcing a radical gun control proposal as part of his Presidential campaign, Democrat Cory Booker expressed agreement with the notion that lawful gun owners should be ‘thrown in prison’ if they refuse to comply with “an assault weapons ban.”

Booker appeared on CNN to discuss his proposed national gun licensing program, which would require every gun owner to have a 5-year license issued at the federal level.

Booker’s plan would also limit individual purchases of firearms to one per month, and legislate for an all out ban on so called ‘assault weapons’ and high-capacity magazines.

“My plan to address gun violence is simple – we will make it harder for people who should not have a gun to get one,” Booker said.

“The process would include fingerprinting, an interview, gun safety courses, and a federal background check,” Booker also said in a statement announcing the proposal.

Booker’s campaign called the proposal “the most sweeping gun violence prevention plan ever put forth by a presidential candidate.”

When asked by CNN host Poppy Harlow if he also supports Congressman Eric Swalwell’s proposed ‘assault weapons’ ban, Booker intimated that he would not have a problem with Americans being jailed if they refused to comply.

“[Swalwell’s} proposing a buyback program where Americans who currently have those guns could sell them essentially to the government, but if they don’t, within a certain period of time, they would be prosecuted … thrown in jail, perhaps. Are you supportive of the same?” Harlow asked Booker.

“Again, we should have a law that bans these weapons, and we should have a reasonable period in which people can turn in these weapons. Right now we have a nation that allows in streets and communities like mine these weapons that should not exist,” Booker replied.

“The critical thing is, I think most Americans agree, that these weapons of war should not be on our streets.” Booker also noted.

This proposed constitutional curtailment is just one of several reasons why neither Booker nor Swalwell stand any chance of winning the Presidency.

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