Donald Trump has made some out-of-the-mainstream comments about American foreign policy, and US allies abroad have noticed.

After a week in which world leaders gathered at the G7 summit in Japan, America’s allies in Asia might feel particularly uneasy.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, has said that he’s open to talking to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, insisted that countries like South Korea and Japan need to pay the US money for security, and suggested that they should obtain nuclear weapons to manage threats from North Korea and China.

“South Koreans have not been able to figure out what Donald Trump really intends to do regarding South Korea, but he’s issued a number of statements,” David Straub, associate director of the Korea Program at Stanford University, told Business Insider.

He continued:

All the statements made about the Korean Peninsula have deeply concerned the people and I think the government of South Korea because they make no sense to South Koreans. They don’t fit into the context of any known American analysis of the situation on the Korean Peninsula or any existing American policy concept toward the Korean Peninsula.

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