October 1, 2008

In this vintage speech from the mid-1990s, David Rockefeller urges the world to curb population growth and implement control measures via global regulatory bodies such as the United Nations.
David Rockefeller Speaks About Population Control.The funniest videos clips are here

‘Stabilizing population’ ultimately means, despite any feel good intentions, sterilization, vaccinations, encouraging abortions, using ‘food as a weapon,’ viewing disease, war and pestilence as a satisfactory means of natural correction and more (abuses in the Third World remain widespread). While philanthropic world organizations appear kindly, their net effect in the countries and regions they service has often been devastating to the sovereignty of individual human bodies, to local religious cultures and to developing nations in general. And what’s more, these aims are always achieved by ever-greater control by world governmental bodies– who have repeatedly demonstrated they warrant no trust or support.

While Rockefeller’s speech perhaps neutralizes the negative effects of his and other globalists’ policies, the general optimism he portrays in general policy terms may be but a euphemism for crimes against humanity over the past years through the developing world.

Google: Henry Kissinger National Security Memo #200; food as a weapon; World Health Organization; United Nations Population fund, UNESCO, tetanus, malaria, Gates Foundation, Peru native sterilization Fujimora, Nigeria sterilization, China one child policy, George H. W. Bush population control, eugenics, and any/or host of other search terms

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