Dallas, TX — James Boulware launched an assault with explosives and automatic weapons against the Dallas police department just after midnight on Friday. Hours later he was killed by a police sniper.

Boulware was in an armored van that he purchased the week before in Newnan, Georgia. He planted pipe bombs around the police station and had more inside his van.

During a 9-1-1 call with police, which was placed by Boulware, he ranted to police telling them that he was angry with them for taking his son, according to Chief David Brown.

“We believe this suspect meant to kill officers,” Brown said. “We barely survived the intentions of this suspect.”

Fortunately, no one but Boulware was killed

In April, Boulware lost custody of his son. He said that CPS had taken them away and he said the police were responsible for the subsequent loss of custody.

Boulware had been involved in a number of domestic disputes and was eventually arrested and charged for assault and battery. However, many of the charges would later be dropped.

Boulware’s father, Jim Boulware, said his son had been pushed over the edge. “Every one of us has a breaking point,” said Jim Boulware explaining how his son had lost all hope.

Boulware had just left his father’s house only 3 hours before launching his attack. “He told me he was gonna be back in 10 days to mow my grass again,” said Jim as he choked back tears.

Whether or not the police were actually responsible for taking Boulware’s children is unknown at this moment. However, police taking children from otherwise completely innocent parents is an unfortunate reality in the United States.

The Free Thought Project has reported story after story of police kidnapping children from caring parents. In April, Maryland police kidnapped two children as they walked home from a park and brought them to CPS. The parents were charged with child endangerment for allowing their kids to play outside.

Last September, an infant girl was murder in foster care after police kidnapped her home because her parents were suspected of using marijuana. 

Before that, there was the tragic case of Alex Hill, a two-year-old girl who was taken from her parents because they admitted to smoking marijuana after she went to sleep. She was subsequently murdered by her state-approved foster parents.

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