Massad Ayoob
Backwoods Home Magazine
June 2, 2010

The original Mayor Daley not only owned a fine gun collection but was known to go out in public carrying concealed a particularly nice Colt .38.

In the last posting here, we shared the most recent bizarre behavior of Chicago’s Mayor Daley in regard to “Gun Control.” Now we discover that indicted and disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich feels Mayor Daley isn’t going far enough on gun control…see LINK HERE . How interesting that Blago doesn’t mention that when he himself was arrested by The Feds, they seized his FOID (Illinois Firearms Owner’s Identification) card. Good that he’s not a hypocrite or anything…

If I can quote Blagojevich himself, who was talking about something else at the time, that’s “f—in’ golden.”

Meanwhile, an octogenarian Korean War vet in Chicago in the last few days used a firearm to shoot and kill a long-time felon (who apparently benefited from “catch and release” justice) who invaded the home the shooter shared with his wife of similar age. In rural America, that would earn a pat on the back from the county sheriff. In Daley’s Chicago, it has city authorities looking at whether they can criminally charge the old gentleman because his FOID card had expired, and because he used a handgun not currently registered under the “grandfather clause” in “handgun-free Chicago.” Public opinion is clearly with the vet: see LINK HERE.

This American veteran wielded deadly weapons in time of war as a soldier of his grateful country. He channeled that experience to protect his octogenarian wife and his 12-year-old grandson. It will be interesting to see if practical, street-smart Chicagoans hold the Chicago criminal justice system’s feet to the fire on this, to make sure that this exemplary senior citizen is not punished for being the very exemplar of Good Defeating Evil.

Last month, at the ILEETA national conference of police trainers held outside Chicago, more than one veteran Windy City cop told me that the current mayor’s dad, the original Mayor Daley, not only owned a fine gun collection but was known to go out in public carrying concealed a particularly nice Colt .38.  Ya think his son might be rebelling against parental values or something?


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