Aaron Dykes
August 1, 2010

In a startling conversation with William Shatner, for the upcoming program ‘Aftermath’, convicted D.C. Sniper Lee Malvo makes new claims that at least two other co-conspirators besides ringleader John Muhammad were to be involved in the shootings, but later backed out. These two conspirators were then allegedly killed for quitting at Muhammad’s insistence.

A preview report on ABC demonstrates audio of Lee Boyd Malvo, convicted for his role in the 2002 murder spree and serving life in prison, who now claims involvement in 42 shootings, many more than the 13 known shootings discussed publicly.

Moreover, Malvo claims that John Muhammad, who was executed in 2009, tried to recruit other snipers who subsequently backed out:

“There were two other people who were supposed to be involved, but in the end, they ended up backing out,” Malvo claimed.

“What was supposed to happen was that there was supposed to be three to four snipers with silenced weapons, silenced rifles, and in this way, you could do a lot more damage along the entire Eastern Seaboard,” Malvo added.

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Malvo’s psychiatrist, Dr. Blumberg, stated an even more gruesome claim that he says Malvo told him in session. According to Blumberg, Malvo shot two of the would-be co-conspirators for backing out after Muhammad instructed him to. The DC City Buzz Examiner reports on mention of a third co-conspirator who never joined Malvo and Muhammad in Washington as planned; however, this additional conspirator was apparently not mentioned during the Shattner interview.

For their part, authorities including Paul Ebert, Attorney for Prince William County, and Lt. Bruce Guth, a Fairfax County, Va., homicide detective, have separately stated their skepticism of Malvo’s account, noting claims that he has changed his story several times before.

The media are casting doubt on the claims, but if they prove to have any validity, it would be the first time such details have emerged in the case.

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