A professional bodybuilder is accusing CNN host Chris Cuomo of faking a photo op showing him shoulder pressing a 100lb dumbbell over his head.

Marc Lobliner of Tiger Fitness announced he’d donate $1000 to a charity if Cuomo accepted his challenge to prove he can actually lift a 100lb dumbbell as depicted in CNN’s B-roll footage of the bodybuilding news host.

“So there’s a picture circulating of Chris Cuomo from CNN chilling at his desk typing with one hand with a 100-pound dumbbell overhead,” Lobliner said Wednesday.

“If you are part of the lifting community or know anybody who is, there’s one thing we hate: and that’s when you fake it. Because it makes what we do look insignificant.”

“I’m confident those are fake dumbbells,” Lobliner continued. “And I’m also willing to bet Chris Cuomo $1000 that he can’t sit at a desk holding a 100-pound dumbbell typing.”

Lobliner then demonstrated how heavy a 50, 80 then 100lb dumbbell really is, struggling to even get the 100-pounder above his head.

“You can tell something about a person’s character when they lie,” he said. “If you lie about that, how are you going to be credible on the news? Your fans, and people who follow you who don’t know lifting, don’t know how disrespectful this is to the lifting community and how fake this. They think you’re that strong.”

“I challenge you, Chris Cuomo, to a lift-off. I’ll come to wherever you are, show you the big bad bodybuilder on CNN — come up against a real man!” he added.


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