Note from Alex Jones: The revelations that Craig Sawyer laid out Friday on my broadcast are unprecedented and historical. Craig Sawyer cannot be a more credible individual. He’s one of the most highly decorated, respected leaders in Navy SEAL history and he’s also been a federal officer who served on counter-terrorism task forces.

Craig is now revealing to the world the intel he has received from high-level sources inside the Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Army Rangers, CIA, MI6, ASIS, German intelligence and more detailing the fact that there’s a war ongoing – not just in the US but in Europe as well – against the pedophile networks inside government and that Trump has massively accelerated these operations since he’s been in office the last 70 days.

That is why they are coming after him and President Trump.

This should be the top news story in the United States, but instead it’s totally being ignored. They also shut down the donation account Sawyer set up for a charity operation to raise money to launch an information warfare operation in the form of a documentary series to reveal the raids that are already going on which are being ignored by the mainstream media.

These are all the law enforcement units, intelligence agencies and military units that are directly involved in the pedophile raids who are giving Sawyer eyewitness accounts on just how bad the revelations from the investigations really are.

The fact that it’s being censored shows just how powerful this information is.

On top of all that, Sawyer has been one of the hosts and experts on Top Shot and other shows on both the Discovery Channel and the History Channel, so he has an entire background in filmmaking as well and is selflessly launching this operation with other patriots to try to free sexually abused children.

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The crowd-funding site YouCaring shut down former Navy Seal Craig Sawyer’s donation page following his appearance on the Alex Jones Show on Friday to talk about his national non-profit organization which aims to expose child trafficking across the nation and save children from torture.

A YouCaring representative told Infowars the page was terminated for violating the site’s “terms of service,” though they would not identify the specific issue.

Here’s the original interview which prompted the censorship:

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