Coronavirus testing numbers are being questioned after hundreds of labs in Florida reported 100 percent of people tested were positive for COVID-19.

On Saturday, Florida Atlantic University professor Rebel Cole released a list of several labs in the state that reported zero negative results for over 3,500 COVID tests, which he called a “scandal begging for press coverage.”

“333 FL Covid Testing labs reported 100% positive tests today in State Report for 3,528 tests,” Cole wrote on Twitter, noting the number accounted for “34% of today’s 10,360 new cases.”

“Without these,” Cole added, “today’s ‘percent positive’ would fall from 12.6% to 8.7%.”

A local media outlet last week also picked up on the questionable results, with one doctor calling the numbers “fishy.”

“We’ve got what’s called a denominator problem – the denominator is the number of negative cases, or negative tests, or total tests, and the numerator is positive tests,” Dr. Jon Ward told WJHG.

“I looked at it and it [PanCare] showed 280 positives and zero negatives, and that just came up really fishy because I knew a lot of people who had gone to PanCare and tested negative.”

Dr. Ward estimates “that missing number would lower the positivity rate,” reports WJHG.

“Places like Lab24 Inc and Lee Memorial Hospital Lab also did not present the number of negative cases.”

Professor Cole also showed “Another 18% of today’s 10,360 new cases” came from 31 other labs that reported 90-99 percent positive cases.

The department of health in Bay County told WJHG they were working to get the data on negatives.

“The Florida Department of Health continues to work to be as transparent as possible. We are working with PanCare to get the negative antigen data for reporting purposes as quickly as possible.”

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