Kurt Nimmo
May 26, 2010

In order to smear and discredit Rand Paul and prevent him from going to the Senate, MSNBC has modified a transcript of his appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show. Paul appeared on the show after he won the primary in Kentucky.

The modified transcript reads as follows:

Maddow: Do you think that a private business has the right to say, “We don’t serve black people”?

Paul: Yes. I’m not in favor of any discrimination of any form…

As Before It’s News notes, Paul’s “yes” was “some sort of insignificant vocalization to maintain the flow of conversation that was already made difficult by the satellite delay.”

Here is a YouTube video of the exchange cued up the exact moment followed by the entire video:


Here is the uncorrected transcript on the MSNBC website and a screen capture of the specific quote taken out of context.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
  • {openx:49}

MSNBC’s fraudulent transcript is now making the rounds in the corporate media — the usual suspects: the New York Times, the Washington Post, ABC News, the Associated Press, and many others — in order to portray Rand Paul as a racist.

Only an idiot — or a disingenuous Democrat determined to shoot down Paul at all cost — would come away with the impression that Paul is a closet member of the Ku Klux Klan after watching the exchange with Maddow.

The establishment is petrified of Rand Paul and his defense of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It much prefers constitutional morons like House Minority Leader John Boehner who cannot tell the difference between the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Expect the corporate media to continue its dishonest attempt to slam Paul as the November election approaches. Other Tea Party inspired candidates will be characterized as racists and fringe nutters.

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