Kurt Nimmo
August 22, 2010

According to a Rasmussen poll posted last week, most Americans consider Iran an enemy of the United States, believe Iran’s nuclear program is developing weapons, and they would support the United States helping Israel attack the Islamic country.

A large number of Americans supported the Iraq invasion and were hostile to the opposition.

57% say Iran is an enemy. 66% say Iran’s uranium enrichment program is developing nuclear weapons (53% state an Iranian nuke is very likely). 51% say if Israel attacks Iran, the United States should lend a helping hand.

Is it possible these numbers are correct? Should we trust Rasmussen and other corporate media polling operations?

If you doubt the numbers, consider the overwhelming support for the attack on Iraq. Before the invasion in March 2003 polls showed 47-60% of the U.S. public supported an invasion. A Gallup poll conducted after Bush made his neocon fabricated case against Iraq showed that an astounding 67% believed the neocon generated propaganda and outright lies. Following Colin Powell’s dog and pony show at the United Nations claiming Iraq had biological weapons, only 27% opposed military action. Most Americans actually believed Saddam Hussein posed a direct threat to the United States.

The invasion launched by Bush’s daddy enjoyed even larger support. 79% of polled Americans were in favor at the beginning of the Persian Gulf War, more accurately described as the Persian Gulf Turkey Shoot. The numbers during Bush Junior’s invasion may be somewhat smaller because opposing information was available on the internet. The web did not exist in 1990.

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(See Popular opinion in the United States on the invasion of Iraq.)

As Scott Horton pointed out on RT, there is absolutely no evidence Iran is manufacturing nuclear weapons and in fact does not have the capability to do so.

So, if we are to believe Rasmussen, why do Americans believe otherwise? Because millions of them get their news from the corporate media — and the corporate media is the lick-spittle handmaiden of the military-industrial complex and the global elite that have a vested interest in back-to-back wars of the sort we have endured since the establishment of the national security state.

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Of course, it is possible most Americans oppose attacking Iran or helping Israel to attack Iran. But that is irrelevant to the propaganda machine.

The numbers will be used to make the case for mass murder the same way the numbers were used during all previous illegal, immoral, and criminal invasions.

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