Forget the nonsense about “bat soup” at the food market.

Instead, focus on China’s only Biosafety Level 4 Lab at the epicenter of the breakout in Wuhan.

The biowarfare espionage behind the Chinese government’s Wuhan lab is now coming to light with a federal indictment being unsealed on Tuesday.

Now, the Department of Defense & NIH (National Institute of Health) have indicted Harvard’s Head of the Chemistry Department and two Chinese nationals — one an officer with the Chinese military, the other caught smuggling biological material.

The Harvard professor appears to have been paid an amazing amount of money by the Chinese government to help establish the Wuhan lab and is alleged to have lied to investigators about his activities.

The Harvard espionage indictments follow the discovery of Chinese nationals stealing virulent viruses from Canada’s only Biosafety Level 4 Lab and shipping them to the Wuhan lab.

And then there’s the smoking gun of the Wuhan laboratory’s job posting to work on bat virus infection with Ebola & SARS-Coronavirus.

Biology knowledge is preferred but strong English skills are the main requirement.

They’re looking for a few good spies.

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