Cops in Santa Ana, California, donned ski masks to break and enter into a local medical marijuana dispensary, raiding it with guns drawn in a May 27 police action.

They then proceeded to remove surveillance cameras and recording equipment, but they didn’t remove it all. Video from a camera they didn’t disable also caught the officers eating what appear to be marijuana edibles, then acting in a way to suggest they had become intoxicated, with one officer even joking that she’d love to kick a marijuana activist present at the raid, Marla James, an amputee, in the “nub.”

Watch one of the videos, via Orange County Weekly, below:

As OC Weekly reports, the dispensary that was raided, the Sky High Collective, was one of several in Santa Ana that was not selected in a lottery process in February that permitted a limited number of dispensaries to operate. Via the OC Weekly blog:

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