Kurt Nimmo
April 21, 2010

Police raided the Southern California homes of dozens of white supremacists on April 20, according to the Associated Press. Federal and local officers converged on 35 homes and took 16 people into custody in Riverside County in connection with an investigation into deadly booby trap attacks targeting police officers.

The government, the SPLC, and the corporate media have attempted to portray patriot groups as white supremacists.

None of the arrests were directly related to the alleged attacks that have plagued the small Hemet Police Department since New Year’s Eve, but police believe the arrests will lead to suspects, according to Hemet, California, police Captain Dave Brown.

“They are upset with our aggressive posture against all gangs,” District Attorney Rod Pacheco told the AP. “White supremacist gangs have been very violent, especially toward law enforcement.”

Hemet police officials initially suspected the Vagos motorcycle gang may have been behind the attacks but a number of arrests did not lead to any charges.

Last year the Department of Homeland Security issued a report attempting to link patriot groups and returning veterans to white supremacists and militias.

The Department of Homeland Security’s “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” document connects white supremacists with the militia movement, advocates of the Second Amendment, activists opposed to illegal immigration, and other loosely defined “antigovernment” groups.

The Strategic Analysis Group, Homeland Environment and Threat Analysis Division of the DHS created the document during the Bush administration and it was revived by the incoming the Obama administration. Veterans in particular took exception to the report because it claims “returning military veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have joined extremist groups.”

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A FOIA request subsequently revealed that the Department of Homeland Security’s report was not based on any reliable supporting evidence. A response to the FOIA filed by Americans for Limited Government revealed that the DHS “undertook no statistical analysis at all, failed to conduct any interviews with the groups it went on to demonize and complied the report based purely on a scattering of web posts from some extremely dubious sources,” Steve Watson wrote on August 12, 2009.

A document created by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) entitled “The Modern Militia Movement” specifically names Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and their supporters as dangerous domestic terrorists. The MIAC document also attempts to connect the patriot movement to white supremacist groups. The MIAC document was leaked to Alex Jones last year and has since gained national notoriety.

In June, 2009, the government “authenticated” a video by a supposed al-Qaeda recruiter who claimed he had the ability to smuggle a biological weapon into the United States via tunnels under the Mexico border. In the video, Abdullah al-Nafisi also suggested that al-Qaeda might collaborate with “members of native U.S. white supremacist militias who hate the federal government.”

Also in June of 2009, Glenn Beck said 9/11 truthers are in league with al-Qaeda and white supremacists. Beck said 9/11 truth activists consider the late James Von Brunn a hero. Von Brunn allegedly shot to death a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

There is ample evidence that many if not most white supremacist groups are directed by the FBI and the government. During the trial of white supremacist Hal Turner, it was revealed that he worked closely with the FBI as an agent provocateur.

In addition, the SPLC has been linked to white supremacist groups. In 2004, a declassified FBI memo obtained by an Oklahoma newspaper revealed that the SPLC had operatives inside the Identity settlement in Elohim City, Oklahoma.

The California raids are a significant development and will likely be exploited by the government and the SPLC to bolster their fallacious argument that patriot groups are racist and violent.

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