Tim Conrad
May 20, 2010

It’s a quarter to 6, and I’m headed home after some intense battles on Xbox live, we’re almost at the highway and then it happens. Little did I know that this was the day that my views on our justice system would be in question.

First off, let me explain this to you, when this happened, I was enrolled in college, majoring in Criminal Justice, but that also, would change. I see something happening, most people would just shrug it off as paranoia but I don’t think that’s the case. I see our civil liberties disintegrating with each passing day, naked body scanners at our airports, police violence rising, cities banning guns in there jurisdiction, what happened to a free America? Did we really trade our liberties for security? Yeah right. I’m not a politician, I’m not a cop, honestly, I’m just your average 23 year old trying to make ends meet in a failed economy. I have a beautiful daughter, a pregnant girlfriend, a handful of friends, a loving family, air in my lungs, I’m not complaining, or at least, I wasn’t.

I give all law enforcement credit where credit is due. They have a very stressful and dangerous job, maybe that’s what sparked my interest and helped pave the way towards my schooling in the Criminal Justice field, whatever it was, I looked up to police for the most part. I wanted to protect, and to serve, all in the common interest of keeping the peace, but that too, would change.

Let’s get back to the story at hand, were about two miles away from the highway, and we hear the sirens and see the lights, we pull over. We weren’t doing anything wrong, why are we being pulled over ? I get this sick feeling to my stomach, like something’s wrong. My door opens, Shawn’s door opens, “get out of the car”, no introduction, no explanation as to why we were being pulled over, just a verbal command to get out of the car. I ask, is that a request or a command ? “It’s a command, get out now.” I get out of the car, “keep your hands where I can see them.” Well this isn’t going well is it? I try to walk in front of the dash cam, “no go to the side of my car.” Here I get searched, checked for track marks on my veins, felt up, my pocketknife gets pocketed, and then placed in the back of the police cruiser. The cop sits in the front, here comes the questions, now this is turning into an investigation, what the eph did I do wrong ? Shawn has some weed on him, I think to myself oh well, it’s just pot, no big deal. Yeah right. Weed wasn’t enough for these cops. It’s pretty crazy when an officer actually tells you that your friend is dying on heroin and there calling paramedics, while at the same time trying to gain information like I’m some big time heroin dealer. I’ve never done heroin in my life, neither has Shawn, this is all quite appalling considering that these cops are performing a duty I’ve been studying for as a career in school, what a slap in the face.

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Twenty minutes of pointless interrogation and a few illegal searches later, the door opens in the cruiser.

Cop: What’s your name man?

Me: Tim Conrad

Cop: Tim this could be your lucky day Tim, I got a trivia question for ya, Do you know what the United States Constitution is?

Me: Yeah

Cop: What are the first 3 words of the United States Constitution ?

Me: We the people

Cop: What is it?

Me: We the people.

Cop ? We the people? Congratulations, your not going to jail today, step out of the car.

Me: So do I got to bum a ride now or something ?

Cop: Not today. You got my trivia question right, but don’t you ever come back to my city again, you understand me? You come back hear I’m gonna take you to jail, I DON’T CARE IF I GOTTA MAKE IT UP. You know that little phrase we the people? We the people of the City of Dayton, don’t want you here, period.

Me: And I will never come back.

Cop: Very good.

I couldn’t believe it, he actually distorted our constitution for his own agenda, and then blatantly explained he would deface our justice system and create false accusations to take me to jail if I ever came back to “his” city ! And what the hell for?!? Because I was with someone that had some pot on them?!?! What the hell is going on here!

A few more minutes pass, the officers crack some jokes at our expense, tell me I have to drive Shawn’s car because they don’t recognize his out of state ID, and then to top it all off, as we are both leaving, the officer gets on his loudspeaker and says “Remember, do not come back to my city, or I will take you to jail.”

If you took the time to watch the video of the traffic stop, and you took the time to read this article, I thank you. I encourage you to show your friends, knowledge is key, especially in situations where the Law is distorted by power hungry thugs with badges. Just remember, this could have been you.. If that happens and this becomes you, never be scared to call Internal Affairs, demand answers, try to get the dash cam if it was a traffic stop, don’t take no for an answer, contact a civil rights attorney. Citizens should not be afraid of it’s government, the government should be afraid of it’s citizens.

– Tim Conrad

Since the release of this video, my attorney is exploring all the legal avenues we can take. Policeabuse.com has also seen the video and condemned it, a local news affiliate had seen it and was amazed, but have yet to do a story on it. My goal of this video is simple, monetary gain is not really my goal here, my goal is bringing these two officers to justice and removing them from the line of duty, and that can only happen, with your support.

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