A pair of young YouTubers went to one of California’s more conservative cities to see if people would be receptive of their “free masks” to “stop the spread” of coronavirus.

The video, titled “Solving the Mask Shortage in Huntington Beach,” has gone viral online since being posted on Tuesday.

Despite attempting to mock Americans who don’t want a free mask or who think the coronavirus hysteria is a hoax, the millennial bros ended up looking like annoying, uninformed morons.

In one encounter after another, the sarcastic dudes are met with resistance from people who are sick of being told to wear the muzzles… I mean masks.

A couple of people even got aggressive with the YouTubers, one guy getting ticked off when they snidely said, “There’s this thing called coronavirus.”

The man got in their faces and shouted, “It’s a bullshit lie!”

Another man yelled at the boys for imposing their pro-mask beliefs on him, telling them, “If you want some of me come on and get this.”

A couple of actually “woke” millennials refused the free masks, telling the YouTube bros, “No, I like freedom,” and “I like fresh air.”

For many people, the video provides hope as it’s refreshing to see so many Americans refusing to sheepishly obey mandatory mask orders, especially while out at the beach.

Local news outlet KCAL 9 shot a report on the video:

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