Curt Linderman Sr.
May 9, 2012

Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy (D) has illustrated once again the control that Big Ag (particularly Monsanto) has on local, state and federal Governments and the weak and morally twisted officials that reside over them. HB 5117, an Act Concerning Genetically-Engineered Foods (1), had an 85% approval rating in the legislature and a 90% approval rating with the citizens of Connecticut and was essentially a done deal before Governor Malloy spit in the face of his constituents.

As the Bill, sponsored by Rep. Richard Roy, was about to see the light of day with an almost definite positive outcome, a closed door session was conducted by Malloy and his attorneys where they interfered with the legislation by removing section 2 of the Bill due to fears of legal action taken by the biotech industry. This bogus and ridiculous reasoning, if allowed to remain, will all but assure the defeat of similar Bills being introduced in a number of other states. Section 2 is the part of the legislation that requires labeling of GMO ingredients.

The fear: that the Biotech industry will sue the state based on “the outlandish and outdated concept that GMO labeling would be unconstitutional and violate the merchant’s right to remain silent and not disclose what products contain GMOs.” Could anything be more ridiculous sounding? This pathetic Democratic governor has decided that the merchants rights to NOT disclose food product ingredients trumps the rights of the consumer to know what they are feeding their children!

Removal of section 2 of HB 5117 essentially removes the heart of the Bill and renders the Bill worthless and meaningless. I interviewed two of the key people fighting for this Bill (2) the day after the governor turned rogue Biotech agent and destroyed any chance that Connecticut residents would have the opportunity to decide for themselves if they would choose to buy products with GMOs in them.

Jeffery Smith’s Institute for Responsible Technology was quoted in an article: “While it is yet to be determined whether governor Malloy is afraid of the biotech industry or actually in their pocket, one thing is clear, HB5117 landed on the governor’s desk because it was about to pass the Ct. House Legislature. Legislators and activists in the Right to know CT Campaign alike are outraged that they were robbed of their due process.” (3)

The governor of Connecticut has robbed the citizens that he swore an oath to and has once again proved to all that the extremely rich and coercive arms of the biotech industry can determine policy and that their bottom line is more important than the safety concerns of the people. This is a travesty that must be rectified. Please contact Connecticut’s corrupt governor and voice your opposition to his reprehensible and unconstitutional actions. You don’t need to be a resident of Connecticut to know that his actions, if allowed, will have devastating ramifications across the country!

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