Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified October 23, 2019 in front of the House Financial Services Committee.

The hearing was to discuss the company’s planned cryptocurrency, but lawmakers used their time to question him about nearly every aspect of his business.

While some lawmakers asked questions about Facebook’s handling of political ads and efforts to combat misinformation, Congressman Bill Posey (FL) asked about the censorship of vaccine safety information. In asking Zuckerberg whether or not he believes vaccine injuries happen, Posey informed him that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid out over $4 billion for vaccine injury claims. And those posting vaccine injury information on the internet are mainly parents of the injured. Then Posey asked Zuckerberg, “Are you 100% confident that vaccines pose no injury to no person on this planet?”

Chinese Government Responds To Shaquille O’Neil’s Free Speech Statement

The Chinese government has issued a strong condemnation of Shaq’s comments on free speech while praising Lebron James’ boot-licking.

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