When the festivities begin at the Communist Party USA’s 100th birthday bash in Chicago this weekend, they’ll have a lot to celebrate.

Many of the policies communists championed for years are coming to fruition, from special privileges for illegal immigrants to the government takeover disguised as the Green New Deal, though it’s self-professed Democrat socialists promoting the communist agenda.

The Washington Times reports:

The connections between the Communists and the increasingly active Democratic left wing have been highlighted by Ms. (Alexandria) Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernard Sanders, who emerged from the democratic socialist movement to become leading critics of capitalism and guiding lights of the broader Democratic Party.

“The left is very excited that Sanders has normalized socialism, and in a sense he’s doing what they wanted to do,” Harvey Klehr, history professor at Emory College, told the news site. “So now I imagine those in the CPUSA think they’re not members of the Democratic Party but they want to take it over.”

The Deep State is exploiting the fact that President Trump has never been a politician to further their war agenda. Joel Skousen joins Alex to deliver a warning to the President about those that are trying to derail Trump’s America first agenda.

Last year, several radically left members of congress won their seats under the banner of Justice Democrats, and the Green New Deal proposed by the group’s leader, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, reads like a wish list for communists, from government guaranteed jobs, college, and healthcare for all to stronger government controls over the energy industry and the mandated elimination of fossil fuels.

Justice Democrats have also pushed Medicare for All – or government-run healthcare – to become a key issue in the 2020 presidential election and the vast majority of Democrats running to take on Trump have embraced the idea.

Democrats, however, have avoided the communist label at all costs, preferring the less contentious descriptor of socialist, which is becoming increasingly fashionable in politics, particularly among young Americans.

A poll conducted by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation finds 46 percent of millennials want to live in a socialist society like Venezuela, while that figure is only 40 percent for capitalism. Interestingly, communism was preferred by only 6 percent of those surveyed, slightly behind fascism at 8 percent, the Times reports.

Regardless, even full-fledged communism is winning elections in some of the country’s most liberal cities. Denver’s newest councilmember, Candi CdeBaca, managed to oust the city’s long-serving council president just last week by vowing to impose communism “by any means necessary,” The American Mirror reported.

“One of the most striking developments in U.S. political life in the last few years has been the dramatic return of ‘socialism’ to the political mainstream, especially among young people,” said Mark Steinberg, professor of Russian and Soviet history at the University of Illinois. “’Democratic Socialism’ (is) the most popular term, though many young people are rediscovering Marxism-Leninism though generally with no interest in the CPUSA, which is seen as out of touch with what is new and exciting, moribund as an organization, and tarred by its history.”

That’s likely one of the main reasons the Democratic Socialists of America don’t seem very excited to talk about the many similarities the party shares with CPUSA.

“CPUSA is an entirely independent entity from the DSA,” spokesman Lawrence Dreyfuss said. “We have no comment to give in relation to CPUSA at this time.”

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