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Coming Soon: The All New Prison!

We’ve listened to your suggestions and incorporated them into the exciting all new Prison website, which will be launched this week!

Super user-friendly with easy access, searchable archives of thousands of pieces of multimedia, instant on-demand playback and a whole host of social networking features to be added soon – the new Prison is a 100% improvement on the original and we’re offering it all for the same price as 5 years ago when we first launched – just $5.95!

Coming Soon: The All New Prison! 310309sshot2a


If you had a subscription before, but recently let it expire, please login at and add a new subscription – it’s simple and only takes 30 seconds, all your information is already saved there.

You can test if your subscription expired by logging in at – if you cannot login, your subscription has expired.

If you are a new subscriber, sign-up right now at

Coming Soon: The All New Prison! 310309sshot1a


We thank you for your continued support and encourage you to renew your subscription and get access to the imminent all-new Prison by logging in at or sign-up as a new subscriber at

In freedom,

Alex Jones.

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