Kurt Nimmo
March 24, 2009

Barney Frank was livid. Code Pink kept distracting Frank, who was holding an adult session with a couple world class criminals, Fed mob boss Ben Bernanke and Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who wants himself granted a scepter to wave over the heads of subject corporations. Frank told the kids in pink to “grow up” and declared they did not understand “rational” discussion, for instance stealing trillions from your children and the children of their children.

Barney Frank chews out Code Pink.

No doubt Code Pink’s leader, Medea Benjamin, and her followers are silly — but then they are supposed to be.

Medea aka Susan Benjamin is described as “one of the high profile leaders of the peace movement” and was nominated as one of 1,000 exceptional women from around the world to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. If Medea seriously confronted Bernanke and Geithner for their economic crimes instead of harping on the AIG bonus sideshow, chances are slim to none she would be nominated for a Nobel.

The only reason Benjamin is allowed to be anywhere near Bernanke and Geithner is because she represents a particularly harmless faction of the false opposition that is funded by the globalist George Soros and the MacArthur Foundation, the latter with connections to the CIA through Henry Bienen, president of Northwestern University (see Michael Pugliese, CIA funding the pseudo-left). The CIA has long used foundations (specifically the Ford Foundation) to fund a non-communist “parallel left.” The MacArthur Foundation also has connections to the Council on Foreign Relations through its former senior vice president, Victor Rabinowitch. Billionaire George Soros is a CFR member and a member of the Bilderberg Group.

Code Pink
Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin talks to a Capitol Hill police officer during a House hearing on the AIG bonuses, March 18, 2009.

The MacArthur Foundation, CFR, and the Bilderbergers — these are not the sort of benefactors that will fund sincere opposition to the Federal Reserve and the bankster dominated Treasury Department. Barney Frank would not tolerate activists from End the Fed or similar adults anywhere near the House Financial Services Committee.

Code Pink is allowed to sit in attendance with its silly signs and clownish costumes because it is part of a controlled opposition that is allowed to “protest” only within the most narrow of parameters, namely the corporate media orchestrated “outrage” over AIG bonuses.

If a real activist appeared before Barney’s committee protesting the criminal behavior of the Federal Reserve and the bankers, he or she would likely be tased and beaten to a pulp by the Capitol Hill police.

Code Pink is allowed because it poses no real threat and offers a bit of color for the corporate media.


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