After a series of embarrassments and scandals, CNN is in full blown crisis mode, with the network now attracting fewer viewers for its primetime shows than multi-decade old re-runs of Yogi Bear.

Aside from its ongoing feud with President Trump, CNN was rocked by multiple video releases by James O’Keefe last week, including one featuring a producer who called Americans “stupid as shit” and other showing Van Jones admitting that the Trump-Russia collusion story was “just a big nothing burger”.

But things got even worse this week when the network was on the receiving end of a huge backlash as a result of its intimidation campaign against the individual allegedly responsible for creating the Trump-wrestling meme.

The impact of the O’Keefe revelations looks to have been devastating for CNN. For the week of June 26th – July 2nd, the network’s primetime evening shows, hosted by Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, drew fewer viewers than old re-runs of Yogi Bear, Full House and Friends, which air in the same time slots on Nick-At-Nite, an offshoot of Nickelodeon.

CNN’s best shows are less popular than 40-year-old re-runs of a cartoon about a talking bear.

Let that sink in.

CNN’s primetime ratings in the 25-40 demographic are also plummeting based on a 7-day average.

A comparison of May to June emphasizes how quickly CNN is hemorrhaging viewers.

For the month of May, CNN averaged 821,000 viewers per hour throughout the entire day and 1.12 million total viewers during the prime time hours. This dropped to 666,000 TV viewers throughout the day and only 882,000 viewers during primetime by the end of June.

With the Trump-Russia collusion story fading into the background, an issue that CNN vigorously pushed for ratings despite knowing it was “mostly bullshit,” according to supervising producer John Bonifield, the network is reeling.

CNN’s decision to basically declare war on the Internet with its targeting of the maker of the Trump-WWE meme is only likely to worsen the situation.


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