CNN host Don Lemon declared Tuesday that news networks airing President Trump’s speeches is akin to providing a platform for Hitler to spread Nazi propaganda.

Lemon argued that Trump should be censored because the Holocaust began with “little lies.”

“Think about Hitler,” Lemon urged, following Trump’s huge rally earlier in the week.

“If you could look back in history, would you say ‘well, I’m so glad that that person was allowed a platform so that they could spread their hate, and propaganda, and lies.” He asked.

The host also called Trump a racist, claiming that the fact he has not apologised to five black men wrongly accused of rape 30 years ago proves it.

“How the president feels about the Central Park Five, that can be a life or death issue for people like me,” Lemon claimed.

Lemon’s CNN colleague Chris Cuomo said the comparison of Trump to Hitler is a step too far.

“Comparing anything to an extreme like a Hitler weakens the argument because you are now taking a guy who says things you don’t like and comparing him to a genocidal maniac,” Cuomo said.

The comparison comes amid a furor surrounding comments made by Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who compared border detention facilities to Nazi concentration camps.

Ocasio-Cortez refused to apologize for the comparison Wednesday, instead doubling down and declaring “If that makes you uncomfortable, fight the camps – not the nomenclature.”

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