Shortly before the White House revealed President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump announced they had tested positive for COVID-19 late on Friday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon were discussing the fallout from White House aide Hope Hicks’ positive test for the virus.

Cuomo suggested that had Hicks and President Trump worn masks, Trump may have avoided quarantine, which as Cuomo described as Trump being forced to “pull a Biden,” referring to Trump’s Democratic opponent former Vice President Joe Biden’s lack of public appearances and efforts to campaign from home.

“If [Hicks] had had a mask on, and if [Trump] had had a mask on,” Cuomo said.

“This is more about a person at the top setting the example,” Lemon interrupted. “If the president had said — if he had made it mandatory in his meetings when he’s in contact with her to wear a mask, then we may not be in this situation.”

“He just needed to pull a Biden. If he had had that mask on everywhere, nobody would be making fun of him because he’s the only one who makes cracks about masks.”

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