Following the drubbing CNN received over the ‘doxxing’ threats toward the Reddit user who created the Trump/CNN/WWE meme, CNN’s news app was targeted by thousands for negative reviews last week, leaving it floundering with a one star rating in the Apple App store.

Many of the reviews accused the network of being ‘fake news’, some were hilarious:

Overnight, those reviews disappeared, as the network seemingly deleted or reset the app, causing it to display the message “We have not received enough ratings to display an average for the current version of this application.”

The negative reviews were also seen disappearing on Google Play.

But within hours the reviews were creeping back up:

Now they’re back in the thousands:

You too can rate CNN’s iTunes app right here.

CNN has continued its war with the Trump administration this week, focusing on the latest claims that Donald Trump Jr. met with a ‘Kremlin linked’ lawyer.

Almost the entirety of “CNN Tonight with Don Lemon” was devoted to the story, with talking heads and hosts pushing the angle and taking pot-shots at Trump Jr. and the President:

The claims have quickly been shot down as yet more fake news, with the Russian lawyer herself revealing that she has no ties with the government and that the meeting was nothing to do with supplying information pertaining to Hillary Clinton, and was actually about US sanctions on Russia.

Yet another reason why CNN now has less viewers than old cartoon re-runs.

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