While amplifying the narrative that Trump is whipping up hatred and division, CNN has completely failed to report on the attempted stabbing of a Republican candidate and a threat by a socialist to gun down Trump supporters at a MAGA meet up.

With his middle finger raised and screaming “F**k Trump! F**k Trump!”, 35-year-old Farzad Vincent Fazeli aggressively approached Republican Congressional candidate Rudy Peters while the candidate was working a booth at the Castro Valley Fall Festival on Saturday.

After Fazeli ranted about his hatred for Trump and the Republicans, he appeared to be walking away, with Peters assuming the shocking encounter was over.

“The next thing you know,” Peters said, “he stops and turns around and says, ‘I’ll show you,’ and runs at the booth.”

Fazeli threw a coffee cup at Peters, prompting Peters to walk around the table and “grab” Fazeli before throwing him to the ground.

Fazeli was able to get back up before pulling out a knife.

“He’s screaming, ‘I’m gonna kill you, motherf—er!'” Peters said. “He had the knife, but the blade wouldn’t shoot out.”

Peters was forced to grab a campaign sign from a nearby booth to use as a shield before someone else was able to calm down Fazeli and he was detained by police.

An attempted terrorist attack on a political candidate in America just two months before a major election. You’d think that would be big news.

Four days later, CNN has completely failed to even cover the story.

Had the roles been reversed, and a Trump supporter had attempted to stab a Democrat while screaming “f**k Maxine Waters,” it would be a CNN headline story all day.

In a separate incident, an anonymous Twitter user with an account dedicated to promoting the Democratic Socialists responded to a tweet by Cassandra Fairbanks asking, “Who is going to the MAGA meet up tonight?” by posting an image of a hand gun and a vicious death threat.

“I am coming with a gun and I expect to get numerous blood stained MAGA hats as trophies,” the Twitter user known as @Dreamstarjustic tweeted.


DC Police and the FBI were alerted to the threat and later arrived at the Trump Hotel to beef up security.

Despite the story going viral yesterday, CNN has yet to report on it.

Just as they’ve failed to report on conservative columnist Denise McAllister being forced into hiding due to death and rape threats.

While news networks relentlessly insist that Trump is spreading hatred and inciting violence, they give scant coverage to or completely ignore the innumerable physical attacks and threats against Trump supporters that occur on a routine basis.

As John Nolte points out, the media’s hysterical anti-Trump rhetoric is actually inciting violence.

“When you compare Trump supporters to segregationists, claim Trump is worse than the 9/11 terrorists, and tell the world we have a madman for president, of course you are calling for drastic action against both him and his supporters, and that includes assassination,” he writes.

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