CNN promoted a story about a reporter who swipes left on Trump supporters when using dating apps due to fundamental differences in values.

“At this point in my life, I know what I’m looking for,” wrote Marcy Fleisher on Tuesday. “My future partner is smart, kind, compassionate, successful and engaged in the world around us.”

“He also leans solidly left. My profile postscript makes that clear. ‘If you voted for Trump, it’s a deal breaker. Please move on.’”

The piece goes on to make the point that Trump voters are irredeemable Deplorables, and many more people out there agree with her.

“Today, I proudly wear a pink pussy hat, and a casual coffee date with a Trumpster nearly comes to blows. Where once age, religion and geography were dating criteria I considered, it’s now politics that’s most polarizing. I’m not only asking whom someone voted for, but also disqualifying that individual based on his answer.”

“Simply put, principles and values trump tolerance.”

Funny, typically with leftists it’s the other way around, hence their disdain for the First Amendment and advocacy for LGBT rights and open borders.

This isn’t the first time CNN disparaged Trump voters.

In December, CNN ran another piece titled, “Swipe Left If You Voted For Trump,” demoralizing Trump voters by painting the dating world as completely hostile to them through a series of anecdotal dating stories.

“On two of the main dating apps used by New Yorkers – Tinder and Bumble – you swipe right if interested in the person (and hope they do too, for a match) and left to reject the candidate,” wrote Orlaith Farrell. “Frequently, the people I came across seemed interested in steering clear of anyone who supported Trump.”

“‘Swipe left if you voted for Trump,’ I’d see on one profile. Other versions included ‘If you voted for Trump, we shall not hump’ and the less rhythmical, more brutal: ‘If you voted for Trump, swipe yourself off a cliff.’”

We get it, CNN. We know you want everybody to think Trump voters are evil racists who are trying to turn America into Nazi Germany.

But remember, Trump’s approval is at 48% according to a recent Rasmussen tracking poll. So maybe there’s more people who believe in “America First” than the corporate media wants you to believe.


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