CNN ran a headline asking, “how black will the royal baby be?”

Yes, really.

It was announced yesterday that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had had their first baby. Markle has a black mother and is mixed race.

“The most trusted name in news,” which may about to be hit with huge layoffs, ran a sub-headline bizarrely ruminating on how black the baby would be.

John Blake’s “analysis” lamented the fact that some are calling the baby the “Great Mixed-Race Hope”.

He also decried those who are celebrating Markle being “elevated to a position of prominence” as a sign of racial progress (because if we actually eliminate racism, grievance peddlers like Blake will be out of a job).

The article went on to blame “commentators who are reinforcing these stereotypes are totally unaware of the damage.”

“Can you guys imagine if a news outlet like @BreitbartNews, @FoxNews, @realDailyWire or @DailyCaller ran a headline like this?” asked Robby Starbuck. “There’d be advertiser boycotts for a month. @CNN gets away with this because hypocrisy on the far left means never admitting you’re wrong or saying sorry.”

Starbuck is right. If any conservative news outlet ran a headline like that, there’s be a hysterical outcry.

The context wouldn’t even matter and charges of racism would fly.

Please support my work here. They want to silence us forever. Don’t let them.

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