A CNN guest claimed everyone who voted for Donald Trump is racist.

Discussing the fallout over Roseanne Barr’s tweets Wednesday, author Michaela Angela Davis claimed President Trump has normalized racism in America.

“He’s made it more popular to be openly racist,” Davis said. “Tens of millions of people voted for him after he showed his cards for years.”

CNN New Day anchor John Berman asked Davis to clarify: “Are you suggesting that all the people who voted for Donald Trump are racist?”

“Yes, yes,” Davis responded. “They may not be violently racist. Anti-blackness is a strategy that has been the foundation of part of the American Project…There’s so many different levels of racism and how it works itself out.”

Davis went on to claim the “racist structures” surrounding us basically make us all racists.

“Most of the time we are operating in racist structures, so you as an individual may not understand that you are racist, but you are working in a racist structure,” she said. “So that’s how policemen of color can be participatory.”

Later, Davis took to Twitter slamming Trump supporters who are offended by being called “racists.”

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