Symone Sanders, a Democratic strategist and political commentator for CNN, ripped into conservative Ben Ferguson, also a CNN commentator, for daring to complain about the NFL kneeling protests, saying white people have no right telling black people what to do.

Sanders forgets that we live in a free country where criticisms aren’t limited to people with certain skin tones, but she can’t see past her own racist anger to follow a logical train of thought. She has a huge problem with folks like Ferguson, or Donald Trump, telling NFL players they should stand for the national anthem.

Ferguson made the case that our national leaders should not attend a football game where players are disrespecting the country they took an oath to defend. He likens kneeling against the flag as “basically giving the middle finger to the men and women who have fought to protect this country.” Therefore, a president should be able to speak out against such actions.

CNN anchor Fredricka Whitfield also made her disagreement with Ferguson known and attempted to correct him for having an opinion. But Sanders was too loud to control.

“You should be ashamed for perpetuating this lie,” Sanders said.

Whitfield laughed and agreed, “Yeah, nobody’s done that,” referring to the middle finger comment.

Ferguson presented further arguments which really allowed Sanders ideology to come to light:

“White people do not get to tell black folks, or anybody else, what is an acceptable form of protest.”

“Not everything is about race, Symone,” Ferfuson retorted.

“Maybe not for you, it is,” Sanders fired back.

Before Sanders spewed racism on national television, she was doing it behind the scenes as press secretary for Bernie Sanders. Go figure.

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