CNN political contributor Errol Louis went off-script Thursday morning when he reported out loud one of the truths the DC Media has spent decades covering up: that a total of 14 women have accused former President Bill Clinton of some form of sexual abuse, from rape to groping to harassment.

“After what we’ve seen with Bill Cosby and with old accusations,” Louis said, “There are about 14 women who could be said to have made claims at one time or another” against Bill Clinton.

Proving she hasn’t done her homework on one of the biggest stories of the day, an astonished Alisyn Camerota chimed in, “Is that right? Fourteen.”

At this point, after apparently realizing the mistake he made uttering this long-hidden truth, Louis attributed the number, not to the women who claim they are victims of Bill Clinton, but to “right-wing sites.” He then dishonestly dismissed two of Clinton’s most notorious sexual indiscretions.

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