Clueless anti-Brexit leftist idiots descended on Trafalgar Square in London this evening to protest against the democratic will of the British people.

The rally was initially cancelled due to fears of overcrowding after 50,000 “signed up” (in other words virtue signaled about it on Facebook to impress their friends with no intention of bothering to show up), but pictures show a paltry amount of people numbering in just the hundreds actually turned up at the rally.

“I’ve seen more people in the Shadow Cabinet,” joked one Twitter user.

Many of these people undoubtedly signed a petition for a ‘second referendum’ that was later ridiculed after it emerged hundreds of thousands of signatures came from 4chan trolls and people in foreign countries, including North Korea.

“You stole our future from us,” read another sign held by an individual who was apparently looking forward to the UK enjoying a Greece-style 50% youth unemployment rate if it remained in the EU.

“It’s not over, we are all Europeans, 3% is not a mandate,” said another sign. More Londoners voted to leave the EU than voted for Sadiq Khan to become its Mayor, so presumably he doesn’t have a mandate either. Turnout was also the highest for a national vote for over quarter of a century.

Presumably, maths isn’t the strong point of the girl holding up a sign that read, “We are the 48%.”

“Leftwing activists protesting in Trafalgar Square in support of an organisation that helps keep African countries poor,” noted another Twitter user.

Presumably, the leftists had been busy smoking weed all day in London swank pads paid for by their rich parents and were unable to organize a proper sound system.

Drawing inspiration from “hug a Muslim,” another woman invited people to “hug a European”.

Using children as human shields for your warped political dogma is also trendy.

Animal cruelty was also an unfortunate feature of the event.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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