Kurt Nimmo
April 19, 2010

Bill Clinton extended his campaign against the Tea Party movement to the pages of the New York Times on Sunday. “In the current climate, with so many threats against the president, members of Congress and other public servants, we owe it to the victims of Oklahoma City, and those who survived and responded so bravely, not to cross it again,” Clinton writes.

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Since the beginning of the (former) republic, angry and even deranged people have issued threats against the president, members of Congress, local officials, police officers, and even the local meter maid and dog catcher.

Bush received a large number of threats, including one by a man with a 3,000 pound bomb. A deranged pilot tried to crash a plane into and a man fired at least 29 shots at the White House from a fence overlooking the north lawn in 1994 when Clinton was president . Reagan was shot and almost killed by John Hinckley. Gerald Ford was threatened on three different occasions. Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter were targeted by potential assassins.

Former presidents did not demonize political speech in response to the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln, James A. Garfield, William McKinley, and John F. Kennedy.

Clinton has based his accusation the Tea Party will engage in violence on irate and threatening phone calls and emails sent to Congress and the White House before and after the unconstitutional Obamacare bill was passed. He has exploited the discredited accusation that a Tea Party protester spat on a member of Congress. There is absolutely no evidence to support the accusation that somebody connected to the Tea Party threw a rock through the window of a Democrat’s office. The government and the corporate media have blown these incidents out of proportion in order to demonize what has become one of the largest grassroots political efforts in American history.

Following Clinton’s New York Times op-ed and a perfectly timed MSNBC documentary on Timothy McVeigh hosted by an ardent and even vicious critic of the Tea Party Movement (Rachel Maddow) CBS News posted a poll asking: “Should Americans be concerned that heated rhetoric will incite domestic terrorism?” See the poll results above.

A “preemptive parody” of MSNBC’s “The McVeigh Tapes.”

The corporate media has engaged in a protracted demonization campaign against the Tea Party, patriot, and constitutional movements for months now (with plenty of assistance from the Southern Poverty Law Center and no shortage of “experts” on domestic terrorism).

Adding Clinton’s criticism and warnings about violence against the government three days before the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing should most certainly serve as a warning — a false flag event designed to discredit and criminalize the patriot movement is now in the works and may be only days or weeks away.


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