The victims of Bill Clinton’s alleged sexual assaults blasted the mainstream news media for dismissing their accusations while praising the recent sexual harassment charges against Bill O’Reilly that led to his dismissal at Fox News.

The three women – Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones – stated they weren’t defending O’Reilly, but criticizing the news media’s double standard when it came to their own charges against Clinton.

“I have no idea whether the accusations against Bill O’Reilly are true or not but I would like to ask: Where in the world were all these people when Bill Clinton’s victims came forward with more serious accusations?” Broaddrick told Breitbart News.

Willey, who accused Clinton of sexual assault and waging an intimidation campaign to silence her, contrasted the coverage of the allegations against O’Reilly with that of “predator and pervert” Clinton.

“Though I should not be surprised, I am still astounded by the hypocrisy of the members of the Democratic Party and media,” Willey said.

“They have swept his [Clinton’s] transgressions and crimes under the rug for many years, only to refer to him as a ‘randy boy.’ There’s nothing ‘randy’ about him. He is a predator and a pervert.”

Jones called The View “hypocritical” for recently having a friendly interview with O’Reilly accuser and former Fox employee Perquita Burgess, but dismissing accusations from Willey, Broaddrick and Jones during the 2016 election race.

“I’m disgusted once again by how hypocritical the liberal media can be,” Jones said. “Those insane women on The View have the nerve to actually show their feelings on this issue and not see the same resemblance only worse about their man, Bill Clinton!”

“I can’t say that any of this is true with Bill O’Reilly and none of them can say it either!”

It’s worth noting that O’Reilly was dismissed from Fox News despite not having the accusations against him settled in court, and O’Reilly said he’s “very confident that the truth will come out.”

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