Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff have dismissed claims that her homemade email server could have contributed to the execution of an Iranian scientist, claiming that it’s just another “conspiracy theory”.

As Infowars detailed Monday, many are speculating that conversations between State Department personal about Shahram Amiri providing the US with information on the Iranian nuclear program, could have been hacked and acquired by the Iranian government, prompting its decision to imprison and subsequently hang Amiri for treason.

GOP nominee Donald Trump picked up on the story, tweeting Monday “Many people are saying that the Iranians killed the scientist who helped the U.S. because of Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails.”

The Clinton camp responded to Trump’s comments, calling the matter a “conspiracy theory”.

“The Trump campaign has never met a conspiracy theory it didn’t like.” Clinton campaign spokesman Jesse Lehrich said in a statement.

“He and his supporters continue to use increasingly desperate rhetoric to attack Hillary Clinton and make absurd accusations because they have no ideas for the American people,” Lehrich declared.

“It’s pretty remarkable to baselessly claim that Hillary Clinton is responsible for this tragic death.” the statement concluded.

Amiri was discussed in Clinton’s emails from 2010, just over a week before he returned to Iran.

“We have a diplomatic, ‘psychological’ issue, not a legal one. Our friend has to be given a way out,” an email by Richard Morningstar, a former State Department special envoy for Eurasian energy, read, according to the Associated Press. “Our person won’t be able to do anything anyway. If he has to leave so be it.”

“‘We should recognize his concerns and frame it in terms of a misunderstanding with no malevolent intent and that we will make sure there is no recurrence.” Morningstar also wrote.

In another email, Senior adviser Jake Sullivan wrote about Amiri visiting the Iranian interests section of the Pakistani Embassy in Washington D.C., demanding he be allowed to return to Iran.

“The gentleman… has apparently gone to his country’s interests section because he is unhappy with how much time it has taken to facilitate his departure. This could lead to problematic news stories in the next 24 hours.” Sullivan noted.

Senator Tom Cotton of the Armed Services Committee also charged that the emails could have jeopardized the safety of Amiri and highlighted how “reckless” Clinton was to have passed sensitive information over a private email server.

The corporate media leapt to Hillary’s defense Monday, with the Washington Post leading the charge.

Columnist Josh Rogin declared that ‘Clinton’s email server did not lead to an Iranian scientist’s death,’ suggesting that “The scientist outed himself”, with other reporters claiming “leaks from CIA officials put Amiri’s work in newspapers around the world.”

“There’s no reasonable connection between the discussion of Amiri’s case on email by Clinton’s staff to Amiri’s eventual execution.” Rogin writes. “There’s no evidence her server was hacked. The Iranians knew all about Amiri well before the emails were released publicly.”

There is, in fact, ample evidence indicating that Hillary’s email server was hacked, and that her emails ended up in the hands of foreign governments. It is believed that Russia has access to all Hillary’s emails, even the 20,000 that mysteriously went missing.

Clinton’s staff were fully aware of several hacking attempts in 2011.

Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael T. Flynn, former United States Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, and former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Morell have all said that it is likely that foreign governments were able to access the information on Clinton’s server.

Michael Hayden, former Director of the National Security Agency, Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency recently said “I would lose all respect for a whole bunch of foreign intelligence agencies if they weren’t sitting back, paging through the emails.”


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com

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