A handicapped ‘Extinction Rebellion’ activist managed to climb on top of a British Airways jet on the tarmac at London City Airport, according to reports.

James Brown, a visually impaired athlete and former Paralympian, reportedly evaded security while boarding the aircraft and mounted the fuselage, while a female accomplice filmed the stunt.

One witnessed claimed Brown had ‘glued himself’ atop the jet.

Brown was eventually removed by police and his videographer was arrested, according to RT.

“The group has threatened a three-day-long occupation and shutdown of the airport starting 9am Thursday local time,” RT reports. “As part of their disruptive actions, a man on board an Aer Lingus plane bound for Dublin refused to sit as the flight prepared to take off, resulting in the plane being grounded while the crew waited for police to remove him.”

The successfully executed stunt highlights the absurdity of airport security theater, which has been proven to be highly ineffective in the United States when put to the test by professionals.

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