The Earth Times
July 9, 2008

CHESAPEAKE, Va., July 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Beginning Wednesday (July 9), tens of thousands of citizens will take part in a 48-hour phone and fax “blitz” of Congress organized by demanding the Secure Fence Act be reinstated.

“Grassroots Americans know that Congress and the President performed an elaborate hoax in gutting the Secure Fence Act and now they want the legislative mandate for a double-layer fence reinstated,” says Steve Elliott, president of, one of the nation’s leading online citizen action networks. “Instead of the promised double-layer fence, the Department of Homeland Security is constructing chain-link, picket and virtual fencing or vehicle barriers. Less than 20 miles of actual double layer fencing has been built. The fact is, there will be no real border fence unless the Secure Fence Act is reinstated.”

Already, more than 60,000 phone and fax commitments have been logged, with hundreds more pouring in every hour. team members are being asked to urge their members of Congress to support legislation to reinstate the Secure Fence Act, such as Rep. Walter Jones’ (R-NC) “Fence By Date Certain Act.” Currently, the bill has 51 co-sponsors. “This is a critical piece of legislation that grassroots Americans support,” says Elliott, who also notes that more than 250,000 citizens have signed a petition calling for the reinstatement of the Secure Fence Act.

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