Nearly 1,500 people were arrested earlier this year, because they were put on a police ‘Strategic Subject List‘ (SSL). The SSL was formerly called the ‘Heat List‘ which started in 2013. (SSL is just another term for Predictive Policing)

According to CBS Chicago police are using an algorithm to predict who’ll commit a crime in the future!

The SSL uses an algorithm to try to predict who is most likely to be involved in a shooting – either as the shooter or victim – by analyzing data such as gang affiliations, criminal records, past shootings, and previous contact with police.

The list includes about 1,500 people, who police have said are responsible for the majority of gun violence in Chicago.

Police are arresting people before they commit a crime

Special Order S10-06 allows police to arrest people before they commit a crime.

The primary goal of Targeeted Repeat-Offender Apprehension and Prosecution (TRAP) is focused on enhanced prosecution to detain, convict, and incarcerate these offenders before they commit further crimes of violence. (TRAP is part of the SSL)

Citizens are being rank-ordered by police

The SSL is a rank-order list of potential victims and subjects… The SSL model looks at individuals with criminal records who are ranked according to their probability of being involved in a shooting or murder, either as a victim or an offender, known as a “Party to Violence” (PTV).

By calling potential victims of violence PTV’s they’re deliberately dehumanizing victims. This is another move by our government to separate police from the public.

Citizens, assigned the highest scores are visited (spied on) by community members, social service workers and cops.

Police have enlisted the help of community members and social service groups to reach out to those individuals with the highest scores.

Earlier this year, I warned everyone that social workers, ministers, doctors etc., are spying on citizens.

Religious organizations boast, about collaborating with law enforcement.

“Called The Care Portal, the online tool allows DCS caseworkers who know of a specific need of a child or family to submit that request via email to nearby churches enrolled in the system.”

This is a way churches can partner directly, and that’s a huge game changer for communities,” said J. Michael Davis, the social services domain director of 4Tucson, an organization that promotes partnership in the Christian community. “We could take it anywhere. One church doesn’t have ownership. We are collaborating.”

Churches pay the government $100 a month to spy on families

The (surveillance) service is free for the state and instead relies on donations from enrolled churches. The suggested monthly rate of $100 would eventually support a regional supervisor to mediate between churches and the (police) department.”

For more information about religious spying read: Health & Wellness programs are really a national ‘behavioral’ surveillance program, ‘DHS wants to recruit Muslim communities to spy on themselves.’

Police are secretly ranking ‘influential citizens’

“Influentials” are those individual seen as having importance or the ability to influence an individual’s actions. These can be both positive and negative influences.

Police are creating secret lists of citizens

“We don’t give out the specific list of variables, but it’s things like subject’s trend line in criminal activity,” CPD Deputy Chief Jonathan Lewin said. 

What is a person’s ‘trend line’?

As near as I can tell, law enforcement’s definition of a ‘trend line’ is just another word for their criminal history.

According to Special Order S10-05, police are creating secret lists of citizens.

The District Intelligence Officer will confer with District Commanders on individuals who are eligible for a Custom Notification letter. The District Intelligence Officer will then contact the Bureau of Patrol to request a Custom Notification letter be created for that individual.

SSL created to seize citizens property

The Custom Notification will include a description of both federal and state sentencing options where applicable, as well as identification of the potential for seized assets and other consequences as appropriate.

Police are creating secret lists of suspicious citizens

The CPD’s database also includes information about disturbance calls and calls regarding suspicious persons. Police are also spying on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc., to aid them in putting citizens on their SSL.

The NSA and DHS created SSL

According to the UK Daily Mail, Miles Wernick from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) was the principal designer of the NSA/DHS’s future crimes list.

The IIT has been designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the NSA and DHS.   “We invite you to collaborate with IIT’s Center for Cyber Security and Forensics Education…”

Fyi, Microsoft is working with the NSA and DHS to arrest people for future crimes.

Reporter admits SSL violates our civil rights

Reporter Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun Times said ,”Will some of these officers run afoul of civil liberties? Probably. 

“But I’d rather see the city defending an aggressive policing strategy than to see more innocent victims of gun violence Mitchell said.”

Police target and arrest citizens placed on SSL

For the [SSL] identified individuals, custom notifications serve as notice that law enforcement action will not be random, but rather targeted and specific to the individual…

As for those who don’t take police up on their offers for help, Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said, “those individuals need to know that if they choose to stay in that lifestyle, we’ll come after them with everything that we have.”

Police used secret lists to illegally arrest and interrogate 7000 citizens

At least 7000 citizens had been illegally detained inside a Chicago police warehouse described by some of its arrestees as a secretive interrogation facility. Click here to read more.

For more info. about predictive policing read, ‘DHS’s crystal ball will identify and arrest future school shooters‘ and ‘Risk assessments are being used to sentence people to jail and death .’

This is the future of NSA/DHS policing, where anyone put on the SSL can expect to receive enhanced prosecution. Soon, every American will be given a rank-order SSL!

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