Kurt Nimmo
May 1, 2013

In Georgia, a citizen was arrested last month at an unconstitutional checkpoint for refusing to obey cops demanding he fully roll down his car window. The man was arrested for “obstructing justice,” in other words for not completely submitting to domination and submission procedures the state now requires as it wantonly violates the Fourth Amendment.

"I think in this instance the guy didn’t want to let the window down, didn’t want to talk to the officer and didn’t want to give him the information. So when you don’t give the information you can be charged with obstruction on a traffic stop," Lt. Amelio Lamkin of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office told WJBF in Augusta, Georgia.

The TV station instructed citizens to obey all orders given by cops violating the Constitution. “If you come to a [Fourth Amendment violating] road block, police say the best thing to do is to roll down your window all the way, put both of your hands on the steering wheel, and if you have to look inside of your glove box, make sure you let the officer know that before you do so,” Mike Miller advised.

The victim in this case, James Eades of Augusta, said suspicionless roadblocks are about revenue generation. "It’s obviously to cite and arrest as many people as possible, and to raise as much revenue as possible," he said.

The state’s men (and a couple women) in black, otherwise known as the Supreme Court, have ruled that suspicionless revenue-generating roadblocks are not unconstitutional. In the case of Michigan v. Sitz (496 U.S. 444), the Supremes reviewed a decision handed down by the Michigan Supreme Court ruling that drunk driving roadblocks are unconstitutional. In a 6-3 decision, the handpicked Supremes reversed the Michigan court ruling and held that roadblocks are constitutionally permissible.

The “Highest Court in the Land” decided there is something called a "DUI Exception" to the Fourth Amendment. It allows cops to ignore probable cause – for the good of the community and lobbyists at MADD.

Back in the day, the Jeffersonians knew that if the federal government ever became the final arbiter of the law, tyranny would follow in due course.

“The so-called system of checks and balances is a farce and a fraud,” writes Thomas J. DiLorenzo, “the reality is that all three branches of the federal government work together to conspire against the taxpayers for the benefit of the state and all of its appendages.”

Marshall DeRosa was spot-on when he wrote that the Supreme Court is "a facilitator of the national ruling class’s hegemony over the constitutional rights of the States." The Supreme Court, however, also serves as an enabler for state and local governments when they want to engage in shakedowns and scams designed to fleece the American people and enlarge a privatized prison-industrial complex.

Thankfully, more Americans than ever are now aware that government is a leech on the public. James Eades of Augusta pointed this out in the news video above and, remarkably, the local news station didn’t edit his comment pointing out that the purpose of unconstitutional and suspicionless checkpoints is to generate revenue for government, not public safety, as the police claim.

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