Kurt Nimmo
March 13, 2012

It looks like al-Qaeda operative Ahmed Ressam will probably spend the rest of his life in federal prison. Ressam was convicted in the millennium bombing plot of 1999. Halfway through serving his 22-year sentence a 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of sending the case back to a federal judge in Seattle for a third round of re-sentencing.

Ressam had received a lesser sentence after he agreed to bust other terrorists, would-be terrorists and patsies following his arrest at the Port of Angeles in Washington State. The appeals court said U.S. District Judge John C. Coughenour in Seattle committed a “clear error of judgment” after he reduced Ressam’s sentence following his cooperation with authorities.

“Had Ressam succeeded, ‘LAX’ may well have entered our vocabulary as a term analogous to ‘the Oklahoma City bombing’ or ‘9/11,’” wrote Judge Richard R. Clifton for the majority. “His clear intent was to intimidate this nation and the world, and he sought to influence world events and the conduct of the United States government through that intimidation.”

Mr. Ressam’s history as a government recruited and trained terrorist is apparently not relevant to the case or his sentence. Ressam is a creature of the CIA and rich Saudis who moved to destabilize Bosnia after the Soviets were chased out of Afghanistan. He trained to participate in the covert NATO operation with the al-Muwafaq Brigade at a camp in Afghanistan.

Muslims were recruited by the same CIA “charity” for the Bosnia operation that was used for the previous CIA operation in Afghanistan – the al-Kifah Center in Brooklyn, New York. Instructions by CIA asset Osama bin Laden were delivered directly from the Brooklyn office to a Zagreb office of the CIA charity front. Khaled Abu el-Dahab, the right hand man of a double agent known as Ali Mohamed, founded the organization in the United States.

Clinton used the ethnic tensions created by NATO sponsored al-Qaeda violence in Bosnia – specifically, when Serbs responded to attacks by massacring Muslims in Srebrenica – as an excuse to cite a violation of the Dayton Peace Accords. His administration would eventually bomb Yugoslavia until NATO ran out of viable targets. The U.S. had arranged for Croatia to arm and supply the imported Muslim presence in Srebrenica.

For a more in-depth examination of the role of the U.S. and NATO played as puppet masters in the Balkans, see Peter Dale Scott’s The US-Al Qaeda Alliance: Bosnia, Kosovo and Now Libya. Washington’s On-Going Collusion with Terrorists.

Any mention of Ressam’s training at a CIA camp in Afghanistan or the historical record in regard to the labyrinth of intelligence connections to terror groups – and al-Qaeda specifically – are absent from virtually all establishment media reports on the decision in Ressam’s case. As usual, facts that do not square with the government terrorism narrative are ignored.

Ahmed Ressam is one of countless patsies – many of them psychotic and fully capable of murder and mayhem when government resources are provided. His case is another momentary detail exploited for propaganda purposes as the so-called war on terrorism enters its second decade.

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