A church in Pennsylvania was vandalized with pro-abortion graffiti over the weekend.

Leftists posted the message “You do not have the right to decide how others live,” on windows of the Notre Dame de Lourdes parish in Swarthmore ahead of Sunday mass.

The hashtag “#prochoice” was also spray-painted on the side of the building.

One parishioner said the message brought her to tears many times during the church service.

“It was very shocking to come up to the church and see that,” Jessica Prince said in an interview with CBS3. “I’d have to say the first half of mass was me crying the whole time because I was so upset somebody would do that to the church.”

“If people wanted to come and stand outside our church and protest our beliefs, go for it,” she added, “but vandalizing a property, I think, is taking it way too far.”

The desecration of the church comes as several states have passed laws protecting the right to life and imposing strict restrictions on abortions.

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