WeAreChange.org | July 15, 2008

Here’s the digested audio of the confrontation with Whitman. NYC Change took over approximately 20 minutes of the show and that was otherwise about the EPA role in global warming & etc. (See full hour and cue times below).

On the LET’S GET REAL WITH REUBEN TORRES Show on blogtalkradio. Christie Whitman was confronted by members of We Are Change and asked about the air quality on 9/11. you can listen to the show by clicking the links below

I found the podcast online:

The mp3:

I also posted it here, in case they delete it off of their website:

These are the times when they got on the air-
7:50 luis
20:00 vin
21:20 dallas
32:45 brian
46:00 manny
57:28 jp

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