Thousands of anti-lockdown protesters gathered in London’s Trafalgar Square on Saturday to speak out against the government’s coronavirus restrictions, mandatory vaccinations and more.

British online newspaper The Independent claimed, “Hundreds of conspiracy theorists have gathered in central London to protest against coronavirus restrictions in the UK as infections worsen.”

However, they don’t explain what’s conspiratorial about wanting basic freedoms restored.

Scuffles broke out between officers and demonstrators, resulting in 32 arrests and leaving two cops with minor injuries.

As anti-globalist revolutions emerge worldwide, the British protesters let the police know they will have to make major decisions in the near future.

“Choose your side,” the large group chanted to the police.

Metropolitan Police Superintendent Emma Richards said, “We remain in the middle of a public health crisis, and by gathering in large numbers – such as today’s protest – puts others at risk. We advised those in attendance to leave but many refused to do so.”

The Metropolitan Police Command Team was sent into the crowd to disperse those who refused to leave after several warnings.

Despite this crackdown on free speech, a Metropolitan Police article about the event concluded with a sentence claiming “protest” is an acceptable form of gathering that is exempt from COVID lockdown mandates.

“Other exemptions apply to gatherings that are necessary for the purposes of work, taking part in sports, to protest or to provide emergency assistance,” the official website states.

More scenes like this will likely take place in cities across the world as humanity is tied down by tyrannical coronavirus orders by overzealous, globalist governments and politicians.

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