An inflammatory video posted on a heavily regulated Chese media platform marks yet another escalation of words between Beijing and Washington, according to the Free Beacon.

China must be prepared to fight a protracted war,” says a presenter on a video posted to Watermelon Video – a media sharing platform that is under strict control of Beijing’s Sate Administration of Radio and Television, “the propaganda control office that regulates all online and broadcast content,” according to the Beacon.

“Trump’s ‘outrageous and selfish’ strategy might work for smaller countries, but it will never work for China,” the video continues. “To quote a well-written article in the Global Times: If the Americans want to fight, we will fight them until the end! And we will fight until the Pacific Ocean splits into two!

During the voiceover, images of cargo ships, trucks and shipping containers in China, along with high-technology facilities in China, is shown. An Apple store and a Boeing jetliner also appears in the video and American fast-food companies in China. Criticism of the United States is illustrated with images of the U.S. Capitol.

Owen Shroyer is joined by a caller in the Air Force who explains how weapons of mass deception are used against massive populations to psychologically herd them toward a desired social conclusion / end goal.

Broadcasts or online reports that violate official rules can result in the closing down of the outlet and the imprisonment of its editors or reporters.

The inflammatory video was produced by a militant online propaganda group called Mars Phalanx, which is known for producing radical videos.

Analysts of Chinese propaganda said the posting of the video urging conflict with the United States represents a shift in official Communist Party policy in favor of more hardline anti-U.S. policies. –Free Beacon

The video report complains that Trump’s announcement of increased tariffs on Chinese goods was a sharp escalation of the trade dispute.

“This is an undisguised threat from a modern imperialistic country,” according to the video. “Now that they can’t scare us with military forces, they resort to economic measures.

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